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Lisin Metallurgical Services has performed projects for over 800 different clients.  Our client list represents a diverse and varied set of industries including consumer products, power generation (fossil fuel, geothermal, hydrogen, fuel cell, wind, and solar), medical, legal, trucking, rail, basic metal manufacture, aerospace, logging, pulp and paper, chemical process, petrochemical, electronics, defense, etc.
Many clients have worked with Lisin Metallurgical Services, LLC since the beginning in 2000.  Since that time we have completed more than 100 projects for Columbia Helicopters, Inc..  The quality and value of our work has resulted in more than 200 projects completed for Consolidated Metco (ConMet).  We have worked with IMR KHA-Portland on more than 200 jobs and Key Knife Inc. has worked with us on close to 200 analyses.  
These long standing relationships and repeat business speak to the quality and value of our work.

"The report was excellent, and so was the service provided.  We regard you and your team there as a top notch outfit."

Richard Monday

Quality Manager

Pioneer Pump, Inc.

"...Whether it is high-technology semiconductor, high-purity biopharmaceutical, commercial or industrial
evaluations, Lisin Metallurgical Services provides timely reports that are beyond reproach. Harder
Mechanical and our Clients greatly appreciate your professionalism and diligence...."

Mark A. Nastari

Corporate Director of QA/QC

Harder Mechanical Contractors, Inc.

"With the Lisin conclusion that failure was due to chloride stress corrosion cracking, we went on a search for chlorides in our process.  We identified a tanker truck that hauled liquid chlorine immediately prior to hauling fuel for our product.  We now specify a maximum chloride content and the problem is solved."

Chuck Hill

Sr. Mechanical Engineer

H2 PowerTech, LLC

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