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We have experience on many different types of projects in support of multiple industries.
Lisin Metallurgical Services
Failure Analysis


We have worked on failure analysis projects for many different industries from electronics to power generation.  Links to a couple of examples of previous failure analysis projects are below.  

Reverse Engineering, Materials and Process Selection


Materials and manufacturing methods for most engineering components can be determined by a careful analysis. Dimensional inspection, chemical analysis, and mechanical testing can often provide information sufficient to create a material specification and to specify a manufacturing process.  Our extensive experience and familiarity with many manufacturing processes including casting, forging, welding, heat treating, plating, machining, and other technologies allows us to identify cost effective manufacturing processes.  Our familiarity with available metals and alloys allows us to recommend materials for applications ranging from artificial hips to bulldozer blades.



Condition Assessment


Reliable service lives of components ranging from bridges to boiler tubes can often be characterized by a combination of non-destructive and limited destructive testing.  We use metallographic replication to characterize the extent of creep damage and overheating in steam piping, valve bodies, and boiler tubes.  Our magnetic particle and dye penetrant inspections can monitor crack growth to allow continued service of damaged machinery.  Quantitative estimation of stress rupture and fatigue lives can be provided from stress data, temperature data, dimensional inspection, and material property determination.  

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